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Akita Puppies Amazing Facts Buying Guide 2021


Akita Puppies are your perfect companion if you are looking for a soft, loyal, wilful, and handsome dog breed. My profound allegiance and obedience alone can make you fall for me. I’m large in size and physically strong, but my exercise requirement is very low in order to stay healthy.

Akita Puppies spend leisure time playing outdoors and don’t be surprised if you find them barking with excitement while playing. My sturdy, muscular body frame with my large head provides me an elegant, ideal appearance. Our male counterparts can stand as high as 26-18 inches. They possess a heavy body mass of 100-130 pounds. On the other hand, females usually hold a height ranging from 24-26 inches weighing around 70-100 pounds.

My huge size and courageous disposition will always assure my beloved one’s a safe and alert guardian during any dangerous situation. In our homeland, i.e. Japan, we are even worshipped by many, considering us as a sign of long life, happiness, and health. My erect, straight ears, dark conscious eyes, and a curled up tail are our remarkable traits.

My double-layered, dense shining coat can appear in an array of colors along with eye-catching, beautiful markings spread across different spots throughout our body. In fact, you can find us most ferocious when we are exposed to strangers or other animals. On the other hand, you can find us as the most loving and calm companion when we are surrounded by our most loved ones. I can provide a shield of protection and happiness as a huge sized, well-built family dog for about 10 – 13 years of my life.


Akita Puppies originated in Honshu, an island of Japan, around the 17th century, derived from the Spitz breed of dogs. It is believed in the earlier days an emperor of our homeland expelled a nobleman towards the northern side of the Honshu Island. He was asked to spend his days as a provincial ruler. In fact, this banished ruler was a dog lover and encouraged breeding a loyal hunting dog, who could excel as a hunter.

Ages of selective breeding resulted in the formation of our breed, as a strong hunter. Akita Puppies were mainly used for the purpose of working on big games and thus chasing wild boar, Yezo bear, and deer. As years passed, we got recognized as the most loved and protective family dog, seeking the hearts of many, especially in our homeland. We were even treated as a special dog breed of spiritual significance.

One of my cousins named Hachiko was in fact Japan’s most adored symbol around the 1920s as he had waited for almost 9 years in the Japanese railway station. Hachiko hoped to see his master but was unaware that he died. He was indeed the pride of our fraternity and epitomized our eternal love for humans and beloved.

In between our days of existence, Akita Puppies had even faced a glimpse of extinction too. However, our fanciers helped us to regain our stand, and then we became a Japanese national breed. In order to promote our position, a club for us was formed in the year 1927. Later on, we got declared as the national treasure by the government of Japan around 1931.

Helen Keller was instrumental in increasing our popularity throughout America as she received us as a gift by the government of Japan at the time of her visit to our homeland. After which she became our admirer and introduced our breed across the United States. We even got featured in a film on Hachiko. Finally, we got registered by the American Kennel Club in 1972. We hold a rank of 47 among their known 196 breeds in terms of popularity.



My level of intelligence is highly remarkable which helps you to train me easily. I can proudly vouch for being one of the most intelligent, active, and athletic dog breed you can find who can easily learn tricks.

I can give my word that I’m best at being a watchdog, protecting your life and your property till my last moment on earth. This is because I strongly believe, my life’s main purpose is to protect my beloved ones and family. My adaptability skill is another trait to be praised. I can easily adjust to changing lifestyles and the environment I’m exposed to.

If you are living in an apartment and craving Akita Puppies, grab me as I have a fantastic ability to get adjusted within the confines of an apartment. Another trait of mine that attracts many is that I require only minimal grooming sessions and do not require a professional groomer.


I also have my weakness too. A trait that keeps me apart from human companions is my tendency to drool. If drooling disturbs you highly, I’m not a good choice for you. Also, I’m not good for an office environment and for those novices who are handling dog breeds for the first time as my aggression can bother you.

I also have a strong desire for roaming and wandering around the world and to go exploring. But this can put you in difficulties. Obesity can catch me quick as my weight gain potential hugely varies. It’s too difficult for Akita Puppies to cope up with allergies, as it can completely make me ill if ever I’m exposed, leading to allergic reactions. This can even spread from food items that you might provide me without veterinarian supervision.


As our coat is double layered and dense, our undercoat changes its thickness based on climatic changes which in turn can lead to heavy shedding among us. For this, brushing should be carried out with a hound glove or bristle brush. It helps in further hair growth.

I require the least grooming sessions and don’t have to bother about having a professional groomer for cutting my hair. It should be carried out at least once a week, which helps me a lot in keeping my coat healthy and attractive. Grooming sessions can be made way too easier by brushing which is a must and is highly recommended to be done at least once a week.

This can help us to remove dead hair and matts from our bodies. Brushing should be done in the direction of our hair growth and in turn, it can help us to spread our natural oil throughout the body. This helps in strengthening hair follicles thus preventing excess shedding. Treat us with a warm bath and blow dry before brushing to help brush out dead hairs evenly.

Our ears and eyes also require enough care. It should be washed and cleaned on a regular basis in order to safeguard us from devil infections. As in other breeds, seasonal flea treatment is a must in my case too. Even though I don’t need regular bathing, it should be provided at least once a week along with brushing.

Our nails should be trimmed and should be kept in a good condition for our betterment. Grab a dog shampoo containing oatmeal and Vitamin-E and it can provide us a healthier and more shining coat. Even though it’s a natural process, our hair shedding can bother you. You have to know the fact that brushing also reduces shedding as it makes our air roots stronger and removes dead hairs more effectively. Brushing our teeth is also necessary in order to safeguard us from dental issues and infections and for this, you can use a toothpaste designed for us.


As in all other breeds’ case, a healthy diet plays an important role in lengthier days on earth. But treat us with light calorie food at the age of 7 or above in order to protect us from common kidney-related issues.

To stay charming we should be treated with 25% of nutrients in our diet. Remember amino acid-containing foods can help us in developing our muscles. Never treat me with an excess amount of protein as it can lead to kidney-related health problems among us. You can also treat us with proper fats like flaxseed and salmon oil that is filled with omega 3 as well as omega 6 fatty acids. This prominently works to keep our skin healthy and helps in the circulation of blood.

With all this, a 2℅ of carbohydrates containing food can provide me a prosperous life on earth. Make sure one thing, please avoid the presence of soya, corn, and wheat in our meal as these can cause gastrointestinal problems among us. You can provide me the food, that you usually have at your home, but with the supervision and approval of a veterinarian only. All human foods never suit my lifestyle and health status.

If ever you find me weak or show a lack of growth consult a veterinarian as soon as possible to grab knowledge about which all homemade foods are good for me and what never suits me. While doggy treats are a good training aid, their excess amount can cause over weight-related issues.

And regarding my weight gain and uncontrollable obesity situations you need to get a prescription from a veterinarian to avoid complications against my life. Providing me clean and freshwater frequently can also help me to lead a well stable life helping me stay away from many diseases. It’s important to feed us with a separate bowl as we are highly demanding regarding our food habits.


As I’m not the most enrgetic dog breed, I only require exercise moderately. I’m independent by my mind which might cause difficulties at the time of training. With your keenest approach, love and my level of intelligence we can share many joyful moments too. Even though I require exercises in the least amount, you must treat us with the required amount of exercises on a daily basis.

You can find me showing the most aggressive side towards other breeds and especially the ones of our same-sex, so it’s important to hold an eye on us whenever we are stepping out. For sure, you have to treat me with exercises like that of running or even walking at least for 30 minutes a day but never in hot weather.

Socializing with me is a must for my training session. Especially for making sure that I’m growing in a good manner and in an obedient way. I prefer you to play with me more inside your home itself than going outside as it helps me a lot to create a stronger and affectionate bond with you. Providing me a large fenced area for my exercise session will help me a lot. I can run freely building a strong mental and physical ability.

Even two walks with my owner or his family through the nearby footpath or around the home stands to be an effective mode of exercise for me. It will help me a lot to improve my cardiovascular system and to stimulate blood circulation. I also enjoy playing fetch with humans. I love to chase my toy or anything that you throw far in the form of exercise. But make sure not to stresss me with excessive exercise. When you note a bit of struggle relax my exercise routine.

Training me on canine sports such as agility and obedience is way too important. And after all, I love to run and walk, which needs only a minimum of your time per day. This helps a lot to keep me physically as well as mentally fit and agile. I never show my aggressiveness towards any of my beloved ones. You should treat me with love and affection, in order to carry out the happiest workout.


Like any other breed, we are also prone to a set of diseases that can track us and make us weak within our life span of about 10-13 years on earth. Always buy us from a health breeder who widely knows about our health status and concerns. The most common set of diseases seen among us are bloating. It is also the most common and fatal disease that our breed faces.

It is mainly seen in deep-chested breeds like that of us where our stomachs twist on itself trapping air inside restricting blood supply leading to gastric torsion. At this time, we need to get immediate attention of a veterinarian and proper surgery has to be undertaken in order to cure this.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia as in many affects us too, in which our hips and elbow will be formed improperly in turn leading to lameness and severe pain among us. Based on severity, even a hip replacement surgery might be needed to cure this. But initially, you have to attend screening programs available for us to reduce risks regarding such diseases.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is another problem that affects our eyes and light-sensitive areas. This can even lead to premature blindness, if not recognized early. Cancer, like that of osteosarcoma, spreads in bones as seen in many other breeds and another cancer called lymphosarcoma affects our lymphatic cells.

We are also exposed to many autoimmune diseases that can affect different body parts of us. Pemphigus is a common skin autoimmune issue leading to skin irritations and lesions. Haemolytic anaemia is also seen among us where our immune system itself produces antibodies against our own RBCs.

Enzyme deficiency condition called Myasthenia is also seen amid us which can weaken our muscles. Proper exercise and nutritious food and regular tests with the help of a veterinarian’s advice can help us a lot to stay apart from many of the stated conditions.


It’s a biological phenomenon usually undergone by our female breeds and is moreover similar to that of other breeds. At the time of reproduction, you should be uttermost conscious about our health state and the surrounding we are exposed to. The unhealthy surrounding can result in unhealthy pregnancy which can affect the breed as well as the offspring produced.

Gestation length ranges among us from 60-64 days. The reproductive cycle of female Breed of ours undergoes certain stages where the first period which lasts for a stretch of 9 days is called Proestrus. During this time the females start to attract males and you can notice this phenomenon by swelling of the vulva and bloody discharge. This is followed by the second part of the reproductive cycle called Estrus where the bitch is receptive to the male. It usually lasts for about 3 to 11 days.

The sign of the Proestrus part is the soft and enlarged vulva of our females. Then the discharge decreases and lightens in color following the next period called Diestrus which normally lasts for 14 days where discharge changes to vivid red and comes to its end, following the next phase of reproduction called Anestrus. And our time stretch of heat periods normally lasts for about six months.

And when we complete a year of reproduction it’s important to notice that more frequent breeding is not healthy for us. And another thing is that never buy a dog from a puppy mill where inhumane practices are carried out and puppies are produced several times, creating unhealthy ones. During pregnancy, we can give birth to about 3-12 puppies and it’s important not to permit further mating if our health status seems weak.

That’s an end for our different phases of life! So if you are in search of an elegant, strong watchdog who can also be the best family companion, I’m one of your perfect choices!

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