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Bichon Frise Puppies Amazing Facts Buying Guide 2021


Bichon Frise Puppies are your best bet if you want a small-sized, doll-like dog breed. Known as one of the most affectionate human companion breeds, a glimpse of me will make you a fan for life. I am lucky and blessed with a heart-warming, cute appearance that will melt your heart in no time. Even though I’m small in size, you can find me always sturdy and active in my gait.

My height ranges from 23-30 cm and I weigh about 10-18 pounds. I’m strong enough to provide my owner and loved one’s protection with my natural abilities. You can find me with a round head, engulfed in beautiful hair, dark attentive button eyes, and back bordered lips. All this adds up to a mind-blowing snowy specimen.

Bichon Frise Puppies’ intellectual powers are unmatched, I am one among the brightest of the small-sized breeds. Well capable of alerting my master when something unusual happens. My coat appears mostly in white, along with apricot and shades of cream at some spots around the ears and body. Bichon Frise Puppies can cuddle with their wagging tail, cute-little face, and happy-go-lucky attitude for about 12-15 years, yes! we are one of the best dog companions for humans.

Bichon Frise Puppies are fond of children and they are my best friends. I love to play with them for hours. So, if you want to take care of a dog breed that can be friends with young ones at home – we are a match!


Researchers have traced back my origins to Tenerife island, near the Mediterranean sea of Spain. My name in fact means “curly lap dog” in French. My ancestors belonged to the Barbichon type dog breeds like that of Maltese, Havanese, and Bolognese. They lived in our known homeland Tenerife.

One of our ancestors – named Bichon Tenerife came to hold high popularity among humans on the island, especially among sailors. Later on, it led to a strong bond with European noblemen around the 13th century and even royals from the imperial courts of France, Italy, and Spain.

However, the French Revolution showed a decline in our popularity as a lap dog. I was even thrown to the streets at that time. Many considerate humans on the streets trained me. They helped me to become a bright circus performer. This secret training helped us become an outstanding participant for showbiz championships too, thereby also raising our popularity to heights.

I came to face more struggles of survival around the 20th century which prompted our fanciers from Belgium and France to support us and regain our fame. As years passed, Bichon Frise Puppies got recognized as the “Bichon of the curly hair” all over France and further our club got roots in America in 1964. Even today I am known as “Teneriffe” on behalf of our homeland. I got acknowledged by the American Kennel Club as it’s 119th known breed in 1972. From there, till today I am known as the most accepted and loved family dog.



I can withstand allergens and thus allergic reactions are rarely seen among us. I know, humans usually step back a little from the breeds having high drooling tendencies. In my case, that is not a problem at all. In fact, I am a perfect example of a very low drooling tendency.

My remarkable adaptability catches the eyes of many owners. I can easily get adapted to changing lifestyles and adapt to the environment that I am exposed to. Due to my compact size and my adaptability skills, I’m also a perfect fit if you are ever living in an apartment. I’m the best companion for children, and I just love playing, racing, and spending hours and hours with them. Also if you have an elderly person, I’m one of your best choices as I can bond with them too.

In fact, I can be an affectionate therapy dog that can make people around the hospital and other places happy. Because I can share pure love towards them, help them to be relieved. My shedding can never bother you as it happens moderately. I can also create an effective bond with other animals especially with cats. Yes! you can’t believe it right? I don’t get irritated with their presence and their meow’s. It won’t be a surprise that I am good at socializing with other dog breeds as well. I love to stay clean and it is another attractive trait that makes me stand apart.


If you are running out of time, I’m not the perfect choice for you as I require time-consuming grooming sessions to keep myself in a good condition. For this, you need to get an appointment with a professional. I hold a strong urge for roaming around, especially when I’m left alone. The absence of my owner might create problems.

Never leave me alone in your home, as it may become highly difficult for me to lead a day without my owner’s presence and their love. I get completely immersed in their care. I’m not a perfect choice for novices, as my maintenance and training may bother you and also I’m not good for an office environment as I feel suffocated.


My most beautiful and attractive trait is my smooth, silky hair which almost surrounds the entire body. Maintaining it is vital to my charming personality. So, if you have enough time to lead our grooming sessions which require the help of a professional groomer, I can be a good fit for you. My grooming requirement is way too high, to keep me in a good healthy condition.

Brushing my coat on a regular basis is necessary in order to reduce shedding, even though I shed my coats moderately. Shedding is in fact a natural process of our hair growth cycle, but you don’t have to worry about heavy shedding in my case. It can be seen a bit heavier depending on my health status. Our ears and eyes should be handled with care. Both should be cleaned regularly, in order to keep us away from infections. Please don’t skip my seasonal flea treatment, it’s very important.

If my nails grow beyond a limit, it should be trimmed perfectly in order to keep me in good condition. Frequent bathing is never necessary for me, but it should be carried out when possible. You can grab all the required equipment to carry out all this process from a pet shop near to you. Please take care that you treat me always with the best dog shampoo, to keep my coat healthy, and for experiencing a pleasant bath.

During my shedding, an undercoat rake has been suggested to be used every two or three weeks, as it helps in the removal of dead hairs from my coat. Following a clean up with a wire brush presents me with a healthier coat. And if for any reason, you are running out of time to handle this, you can search for a dog groomer or clipping service close to your area and book an appointment for me.


Bichon Frise Puppies are known as a catchy, active companion dog for humans with seemingly boundless energy. So in order to maintain my cheerful energetic attitude, it’s essential to treat me with a high-quality diet especially when I am a puppy. High-quality nutrition plays an important role in leading a healthy, colourful life on earth, just like humans in high society do.

I will eagerly have your food, whether it’s homemade or commercially prepared but you have to make sure that it’s well supervised and approved by a veterinarian. Unhealthy, unsuitable food for my lifestyle, can lessen my showering days on earth. Diet should be provided according to my age, with required amounts of proteins and carbohydrates, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Calories intake is a basic need and overconsumption is hazardous too. I’m never picky regarding food and I can eat whatever you provide me. But dry food works more effectively on me as it helps to keep my teeth strong. As I’m attracted to many kinds of foods, I am prone to obesity.

You just have to treat us with fish, sweet potatoes, white chicken, green beans or brown rice which you are more familiar with, as it plays as a healthy diet for us too. Chocolates, soda, salt, and cooked bones should be avoided from our diet at the maximum to present us a healthy life.

Enough protein content in our diet can help us to stay strong and muscle development. As other kinds of dog breeds we also need an adequate amount of essential amino acids with our diet, because they are necessary to our maintenance and we can not produce them ourselves. Always cut short our meal and provide us with the required amounts by dividing the meal two or three times.

Treating us with foods containing the essential amount of DHA which holds omega 3 fatty acids plays an important role in nourishing our brain and vision. It also strengthens our hair follicles. Along with this, you should also provide us with the required anti-oxidants, it’s good for supporting our developing immune system. Apart from all this, fresh and clean water is way too essential for our healthier days as it helps us a lot to prevent many of the diseases and dehydration related issues.


I’m an average lively dog breed, but I’m one among the fastest and agile breeds also. My playing sessions are a must every day. I love to spend hours especially with my owner and his family, accompanying them in their long walks or running and chasing games. In my case, a well-fenced yard helps a lot to carry out my exercise schedules effectively, as I may run around unwantedly if you let me free. It might become a bit difficult sometimes to catch me.

Treats are an effective method of getting me on track with the process of training. Never be aggressive towards me at the time of training because it will never be worth it and you can end up with a bad-mood doggy. You have to hold a high degree of patience and should provide enough love and care at the time of the training section. This can only be worked for building up obedience in me. As in many other breeds socializing is vital for me from a younger age, it helps to make a well obedient breed.

I don’t require long hours of exercise to keep me active and strong, even though I’m a playful breed. But you have to spend at least 15 minutes on my daily exercise sessions. Even two walks with my owner or his family through the nearby footpaths or around the home stands can be an effective mode of exercise for me, as I only require a little amount of time.

Exercises help me to improve my cardiovascular system and to stimulate my blood circulation. Always use a bit lengthier leash so that I can stretch and run and walk freely and actively. I also enjoy playing fetch with humans. I love to chase my toy or anything that you throw far in the form of exercise.

Training me on canine sports include agility and obedience is important for my build up. And after all, I love to run and walk, which needs only the littlest of your time per day and helps a lot to keep me physically as well as mentally fit and eligible. Never provide me with food just before or after my exercise sessions because it can lead to the sudden death of ours. As being a family pet dog, I mostly love to play with my owner even the small games at the corners of the home itself. My intelligence level is also high, so don’t worry more about my training sessions as I can grab tricks from you easily, but it’s necessary to hold an eye upon me whenever I’m out of home as I hold, huge wandering tendency.


Similar to other dog breeds, I am prone to many health-related issues within our life span. For preventive eye diseases, I am asked to undergo certain tests like eye scheme tests and hereditary cataract tests. Cataract formation is an inherent condition and most dogs in our breed between 2-8 years are susceptible to this condition. 

Patellar Luxation is a common orthopedic disease seen among us. In such a condition, the correspondent to the kneecap in our hind leg dislocates which in turn leads to lameness and severe pains, thus restricting our breeding ability further. This is also one of the inherited diseases that can be seen in our breed.

Skin allergies will lead to itchiness, chewing, and licking frequently which can further lead to lesions and show an increase in bacterial growth and fungal growth leading to infections. This can be cured by using anti-inflammatory medication. It is advised to not use such breeds further for breeding.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus is one of the common diseases seen among us which is a linkage between our venous to that with blood flow through our arteries, which is a normal situation in the case of the fetus but it should end for must after birth. This can be detected only with the help of a veterinarian and it can also be cured by surgery.

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS) is an abnormal vessel that leads to improper communication between the liver and intestines, so toxic compounds, excess amount of protein bypass the liver and absorbed by intestines or circulate throughout the body by entering the systemic circulation, which in turn affects our behavior as well as growth and creates intolerance among us towards anesthetics.

Cushing Syndrome or hyperadrenocorticism occurs when the body produces an excess amount of corticoids. Signs of this include increased urination, obesity, tiredness, overconsumption of water, and pot like stomachs (pot belly) can also be seen among us. Most of the time dermatological conditions like loss of hair are associated with Cushing Syndrome. Its treatment depends on the severity and the veterinarian’s advice is a must. 

Immune-Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia is another seen amid us when our immune system itself attacks the RBC’s within us, restricting the transfer of oxygen to other tissues of our body, treatment depends on severity. Pregnancy- Associated Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia is another problem which our females face during their gestation period.

Apart from this, minute health issues should be also taken care of like temperature increase and dehydration, etc.


As in all other breeds, our female breeds also undergo this biological phenomenon in between their life span. It’s high time to treat us with more care and concern as this process requires energy and well stable health status to reduce complications. Our gestation period ranges from 60-64 days, where I should be treated with enough care and supervision of a veterinarian.

During reproduction, I usually undergo certain periods where the first period which occurs for about 9 days is called Proestrus. At this time the females start to attract males and you can notice this phenomenon by swelling of the vulva and a bloody discharge.

This is followed by the second part of the reproductive cycle called Estrus where our females are receptive to the male. It usually lasts for about 3 to 11 days. The fertilization occurs during this time. The vulva can be seen as enlarged, and also softens a little. The amount of blood in vulval discharges is decreased.

Then the discharge decreases and lightens in colour following the next period called Diestrus which normally lasts for 60 days/ approximately 2 months where discharge becomes vivid red because of less red blood cells then proestrus and comes to its end. In this period bitches no longer receptive to males.

And after this period, the females mating is further restricted and followed by the next phase called Anestrus. Holding the timeframe of heat periods normally lasts for about six months among us. The vulva is no longer swollen or no vaginal discharge can be seen.

Then when I complete a year of reproduction it’s important to notice that more frequent breeding is not good for our health. And another thing is that never buy a dog from a puppy mill where inhumane practices are carried out and puppies are born several times, creating unhealthy ones. In a single pregnancy, I can give birth to 4 puppies most of the time but it can be 2-8 puppies. Mating needs to be stopped if our health status seems weak.

So if you like a doll-like, sweet-faced breed, who can be the best companion especially for the younger ones at your home, I’m here for you as one of your best choices as a family pet! If you own one of my kind do let us know in the comment section below and we can share our little stories with the community too 🙂


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