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Pug Puppies Amazing Facts Buying Guide 2021


As Pug Puppies, we are one of the most affable, cute, and loving dog breeds. I am capable of expressing emotions very well and make you wonder and laugh till your tummy aches. I’m one of the well-accepted and popular dog breed all over the world. People also love me for being a modest house dog, who can add chuckles and giggles. At the same time I keep you alert event though I have a toy-size appearance.

We appear as a cute, short breed holding a height of about 10-13 inches accompanied by a weight of 14-18 pounds. Our coat is seen mostly in three colours that of apricot fawn, black or silver fawn. Our head from outside seems like a large circle with the presence of pebble-like- sparkling eyes. My facial expression can be easily construed to be expressive and i have a folded wrinkled brow.

In fact, we are happy and a care free breed, ready to alert whenever something more than usual catches our eyes. Apart from Pug Puppies’ playful, cheerful behaviour we can also protect you from strangers with our sharp barking skills.

I’m highly sociable and can be a well mannered companion for humans and also other dog breeds and animals. I am proud to say that I have stolen numerous hearts of people of all ages throughout the world with my funny, easy-going, and loving nature.

Behind my toy-sized, muscular appearance, I hold a bit heavier body mass when compared to other toy-sized breeds. And you should know the fact that as I hold a smaller nose, I’m a brachycephalic breed highly prone to breathing problems which should be taken care of. I can be one of your bundle of joy and cheer as a family dog for about 12-15 years of my existence on earth.


I’m one of the oldest dog breeds being raised before 400 BC, hence my ancestry is still confusing. As per many records, Pug Puppies originated in China, as many came up with information stating that the ancient emperors held a preference for many toy-sized, flat-faced breeds like that of Shih Tzu, Pekingese.

We’re believed to be developed as pure breeds of emperors and many royals also came to own us too. Same as in the case of many other breeds, we also soon got liked by Eastern rulers and many people from beyond China started to fancy us. Pug Puppies gained more popularity around the 1500s, when Dutch traders returned to their homeland with our specimens. Later on, our popularity swelled when we alerted Prince of Orange against the attack on him from Spanish troops. This created an urge among many British people to favour pugs as pets. Then onwards, we became their favourite breed. 

We were named as Lo-sze in our native China, Doguilo among Spanish admirers, and the Dutch call us Mophonds. This itself defines my dazzling popularity and I was even the most loved pet of Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet. But what made my name “pug” holds different theories, a few state it’s from a Latin word “pugnus” which means fist as my face resembles that of a holding fist. In 1885 we got recognized by the American Kennel Club alongside 14 other different breeds of that time.



My glossy traits can make you fall for me!

I know that continuous nipping of breeds can cause irritations to humans. But if you are buying me, you never need to face such a situation because my tendency to nip or chew is lower than average. Even if Pug Puppies nip and chew, it causes no means of hurt and difficulties to anyone.

I never wander here and there, even if you leave me alone.

Don’t get worried about getting an appointment with professional groomers, or buying costly brushes for my grooming sections, as I require exceptionally minimal grooming.

Humans usually step back from breeds having high drooling tendencies. In my case, you need not worry as I’m a perfect example of  low drooling.

My remarkable adaptability catches the eye of many owners. I can easily adapt to changing lifestyles and environments wherever I’m exposed to.

Due to my compact size and my adaptability skills, Pug Puppies are also a perfect fit if you are even living in an apartment.

I’m the best companion for children, as I just love playing, racing and spending hours and hours with them. Also if you have an elderly person, I’m one of your best choices as I can easily create an interesting, stronger bond with them.

I can also be an affectionate therapy dog who can make people around hospitals and elderly homes happy by sharing pure love towards them and making them calm and patient.


I’m not that intelligent, bright breed you are looking for. Training me can be a tough job as I get distracted easily and find it a tad bit difficult to grab tricks from you.

I can’t resist well with allergies as I’m well exposed to innumerable reactions. I may cause irritation to you, as sometimes I hold an incredible odour and have high chances of stickiness.

Obesity can catch me easily, causing greater difficulties regarding my health status, as my weight gain potential ranges from average to high.

I tend to have separation anxiety when my owner abandons me at the four corners of my home, which may create an intention for roaming around.

I’m not that office-friendly or dog-friendly breed you are looking for.

Also, I’m not a perfect choice for first-time owners as my stubborn attitude can bother you.

My heavy shedding can also bother you, especially during the spring season.


My attractive coat sheds a bit heavily, especially during the spring season. Vacuum cleaning can be done to handle heavy shedding and if you hesitate to do it- I’m not that perfect choice of a breed for you. Even though I don’t require frequent grooming sessions, it should be done on the basis of necessity in order to keep our coat healthy and shining. For this, you don’t have to get tensed and never have to grab help from professional groomers as it can be easily carried out by spending a bit of time with me.

For having happier grooming, brushing is a must which is highly recommended to be done at least once a weak. This can help me to remove dead hair and matts from our body. You should brush me with a wide-toothed comb, or a hound glove that you can easily get from a pet shop. Brushing should be done in the direction of our hair growth and in turn, it can help us to spread our natural oil through our body, which helps in strengthening hair follicles thus preventing excess shedding.

Before brushing you can provide me a warm bath and blow dry which helps you to brush out dead hairs evenly. My ears and eyes also require enough care. It should be washed and cleaned on a regular basis in order to safeguard me from the devil infections. Ears should be cleaned with more precautions every consecutive day with the help of baby oil. To know more about this process, get proper guidance from a veterinarian. As in other breeds’, seasonal flea treatment is a must in my case too. I’m prone to allergies & surroundings I’m exposed to should be well maintained.


I’m a known food lover. I can eat whatever food you provide to me and it is very likely that obesity will get attracted to me, thereby making me tired and raising many health issues. Protein-rich food can help me a lot as amino acid-containing food helps in developing our muscles. Never treat me with an excess amount of protein as it can lead to kidney-related health problems among us.

You can also treat us with proper fats like that of flaxseed and salmon oil filled with omega 3 as well as omega 6 fatty acids that prominently work to keep our skin healthy and helps in the circulation of blood. With all this, a 2℅ of carbohydrate-rich food can provide me a prosperous life on earth.

Please make sure to avoid the presence of soya, corn, and salt in our meal as these can cause gastrointestinal problems among us. You can provide me the food, that you usually have at your home. Also make sure it is served under supervision and approval of a veterinarian only as all human foods never suit my lifestyle and health status.

If ever you find me weak and show lack of growth – consult a veterinarian as soon as possible to grab knowledge about which all home-made foods are good for me and which all don’t suit me. Treats are a good training aid, an excess amount can cause overweight issues.

You need to get a prescription from a veterinarian to avoid complications regarding my weight gain and uncontrollable obesity  . Providing me clean and fresh water frequently can also help me to lead a well stable life.



In fact, Pug Puppies are one of the laziest dog breeds, but it’s your duty to carry out my exercise sessions as a must in order to keep me healthy. I love to get settled on a cushion and can sleep for an entire day even, easily giving a path for obesity to drag down my physique and activeness.

So be sure, to treat me with exercises like running or even walking at least for 30 minutes a day but never in hot weather. Socializing is a must for my training sessions. Just make sure that I’m growing in a good manner and in an obedient way. I prefer you to play with me more inside your home itself than going outside, as it helps me a lot to create a stronger and affectionate bond with you. Provide me a large fenced area for my exercises and it will help me as I can freely and build a strong mental and physical ability.

Even two walks with my owner or his family to the nearby footpaths or around the home stands will be an effective mode of exercise for me. It will help me a lot to improve my cardiovascular system and to stimulate my blood circulation. Always use a bit lengthier leash so that I can stretch and run and walk- freely and actively.

I also enjoy playing fetch with humans. And I love to chase my toy or anything that you throw far in the form of exercise. But make sure not to provide me more than enough exercise and note if I tend to be struggling then give a pause to my exercises. Training me on canine sports such as agility and obedience is important. After all, I love to run and walk, which needs only the littlest of your time per day and helps a lot to keep me physically as well as mentally fit.

I never show my aggressiveness towards any of my loved ones and you should also treat me with more love and affection in order to carry out the happiest workouts. But always carry out my exercises by making me completely involved and never at the time of harsh climates.


Even though I’m one of the healthiest breeds, some diseases are not avoidable and I can suffer from health problems in my life span.

Excessive nasal folds create problems with breathing. Sore eyes and unsound movements are some common health-related symptoms of weakness.

For all this checking my hemivertebrae is highly recommended for use in order to safeguard from future complications.

Brachycephalic syndrome is common among us as we are having a small nose and a huge head which can even lead to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. There is only constricted space for our internal structures to breathe properly, which arises among us mostly in hot weather conditions.

We are also exposed to many eye-related problems like proptosis, Entropion( folding inward of our eyelids), Corneal Damage, and Primary Lens Luxation.

Pug Dog Encephalitis is another commonly seen disease among us which is inflammatory and affects our central nervous system. This can be denoted by depression, sudden loss of coordination among us & seizure. It can lead to blindness and later on can even progress to our disappearance.

Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency affects our enzyme pyruvate kinase which is the main component for normal function of our RBCs.

May-Hegglin Anomaly is another disease, which causes depletion of platelets among us and restricts blood clotting.

Hip Dysplasia causes our hips to develop abnormally.

Degenerative Myelopathy, Skinfold Dermatitis, Mite Infestations, and obesity-related issues are another set of diseases seen among us.

Proper food intake and exercise can help us a lot to stand apart from many of these diseases and a DNA test can also be helpful in order to track hereditary diseases among us.


Our gestation period ranges from 60-64 days, where we should be treated with enough care, proper nutrients & supplements and the supervision of a veterinarian. Regarding the reproductive cycle of females, there are four phases as Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus and Anestrus. During these phases we are shown the physical, mental and behavioral signs that are relevant to each phase.

From day 1-9, the first 9 days of the cycle is called Proestrus. At this time the females start to attract males and you can notice this phenomenon by swelling vulva and bloody discharge from the vulva.

Then the second phase which lasts the next 3-11 days, called Estrus where our females are receptive to the male. It usually lasts for about the next 9 days, but it can vary according to the mental and physical status of our females from 3 to 11 days. The fertilization occurs during this time. The vulva can be seen as enlarged, and also softens a little. The amount of blood in vulval discharges is decreased.

From the last day of Estrus, the next 2 months (approximately the next 60 days) are considered as the Diestrus phase. In this phase, our females are no longer receptive to males and you can observe light colour vulval discharge with less amount than the Proestrus. Vulval discharge becomes vivid red because of the less red blood cells.

From the last day of Diestrus, the next six months (approximately the next 180-200 days) are called Anestrus. This phase is a normal period for us and the female mating is further restricted. The vulva is no longer swollen or no vaginal discharge can be seen.

Our female counterparts need one full year of care and frequent breeding should be avoided. It’s highly important not to buy a dog from a puppy mill where the urge of the puppies and their mothers are restricted. It’s highly inhumane to breed dogs several times a year and sell them. For all those dog lovers, grab one like me to experience pure love, companionship, and enjoyment.

If you want a dog breed that can make you laugh, can stay with your closest companion choose me- I can be your best family dog!


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