Rottweiler Puppies Facts and Buying Guide

Rottweiler Puppies Amazing Facts Buying Guide 2021


As Rottweiler puppies, we are classified as one of the best dog breeds you can ever find. I am well known for my muscular, courageous, and loyal charm. Many hold the false conception that I’m ferocious but I’m literally one of the humblest and loving dog breeds you can find. I am highly affectionate about my loved ones and you can see that in my eyes. Well known for my calm, confidence, strength, and good-natured disposition. I hold dual positions both as your world-class guardian and goofy playmate.

Males of my breed can touch a height up to 24- 27 inches and females about 22-25 inches, accompanied by a weight of 110-132 lb for the males, and 80-100 lb for the females. My ancestors were Roman drover dogs who originally used to move and guide herds of the Roman army. I’m exceptionally courageous but never a hyper-aggressive breed. This is a misinterpretation many have about me 🙁

In the build-up to World War I had shown a higher demand for police dogs which led to the revival and interest of the Rottweiler. According to the American Kennel Club, the standard colour of my breed is black with beautiful patterns ranging from rust to mahogany. My coat is double-coated, hard, thick, and shiny. I shed usually twice a year.

According to the FCI standard, I’m regarded as one of the oldest dog breeds. You can find me as one of the most obedient guard dogs, I have eternal love and loyalty for my owners which is beyond your imagination. Interestingly, I’m known in German as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which means Rottweiler butchers because at that time my main use was to herd livestock and to pull carts laden with butchered meat to the markets.


Originally bred for herding cattle when the army was on the move, rottweiler puppies descended from the mastiffs of the Roman army. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, I started working as the guardians for traveling butchers who used to settle in the cattle town of Rottweil from where I literally got my name. Ages ago I used to march over the Alps with the Roman legions, protecting humans and driving their cattle. In the region of Rottweil, I met and mingled with some natives. This resulted in the natural process of crossing. Butchers at that time used to breed my kind purely for performance and usefulness.

During the era of the first and the Second World War, I donned several hats: a messenger, ambulance dog, draught, and guard dog. The Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub was the first club for us, which was founded on the 13th of January 1914. In 1931, I got officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, this made me more popular worldwide. In the following year, 1936 I was exhibited in Britain at Crufts.

Another fascinating experience for me was in the mid of 1990s where my popularity showed a shining rise. It was because the Rottweiler became the most registered dog by the American Kennel club, grabbing the 8th rank among most popular AKC breeds.

Later on, as years passed, I got drafted as a police dog, personal protector, and an all-around blue-collar dog capable of handling various heavy-duty tasks. I was among the first guide dogs for the visually challenged. This is a highly remarkable evolution, from being the butcher’s dog to a multipurpose dog breed that can help humans in a variety of ways.



Rottweiler puppies can proudly say that I’m one of the most outstanding, intelligent dog breeds you can ever find. Humans find it easy to train me as I am always keen to learn tricks and commands. I easily associate and decipher the commands and respond swiftly to the tasks.

My grooming can be carried easily as I require minimal grooming efforts. My most accomplished trait is that I can be the best watchdog. I’m highly consistent and put my complete effort into this regard. My alertness, strength, and activeness help me to be the stay on the toes. I never cause difficulties to you by wandering here or roaming around aimless.

I can also be a great service dog by helping those in need or who have certain disabilities. I can be a super talented therapy dog by providing immense affection, love, and care to people in need. As Rottweiler’s, we have the best vocal cords and our sense of hearing is a great asset to us. I’m very territorial and protective about my property as well as my owner’s life and family. I’m great at providing alerts by means of my barking, especially if I ever come to sense something uncanny.

I’m an extremely productive guard dog, who never hesitates to protect my territory in the worst situation providing safety and security for my owner in all their ups and downs. I can also be a great drafting dog if ever need be.


If you get irritated by being covered by slobber spots on your clothes, rottweiler puppies are not the best choice for you as my drooling tendency seems to be very high. Allergies can affect me heavily and I find it hard to cope up with them without medical assistance. My weight potential is also exceptionally high, making me prone to obesity and overweight issues.

As I get completely connected with my owner I tend to create an unbreakable bond with them and their absence can make me intolerable. I also face difficulties during warm weather conditions.

I’m not that dog-friendly breed you are looking forward to having at home and cannot tolerate an office environment. I may not be the best choice for novices, as my stubborn attitude can bother you sometimes. But apart from all this, I hold eternal love and respect for my owner till my last breath.


My short, flat shining coat helps you to carry away my grooming sessions easily and smoothly. I require a little more than frequent brushing and bathing as it is necessary for my health & maintenance.

Brush me regularly with a normal rubber brush that you can get from a pet shop. This can be useful for as it grabs dead hair and pulls it far away from my body. Then wipe my deep, thick muzzles with a dry towel. This will help me to trap excess saliva in the loose skin under my jaws. This also reduces your discomfort regarding the spreading of my saliva strings around your home.

You have to bathe me regularly if necessary. For that purpose, you should use a dog shampoo which can make my coat shiny. I usually shed very moderately for most of the year. Brush my teeth, at least thrice a week with a small amount of dog toothpaste and a small toothbrush. You have to carry this process inside my mouth, in a circular motion. It helps to prevent tartar accumulation on the tooth surface.

Trimming my nails at least once a month is another necessity. If ever you came to face my heavier shedding, especially during spring grab the help of a veterinarian for an effective output.


Healthy, nutritious food can help me live a vibrant, stable life. If you want to treat me with a proper diet, never even think of feeding food containing produced meals having soy wheat, or corn. This can badly affect my health. Rottweiler puppies need a lot of protein in their diet in order to be charming and active.

An adult should be treated with 22-26℅ protein and puppies should be treated with 24-28℅ in daily diet. As proteins are excreted through kidneys, it never leads to overweight issues among us, on the other hand, it helps us to lead a healthy life. You should ensure that the meal you give contains essential amino acids that can not be produced inside our body by ourselves.

Always treat me with less amount of fat. The healthy amount of fat that you are advised to ranges from 12-16℅ for an adult and 14-18℅ for a puppy. You can provide me commercially manufactured or homemade food but only with the veterinarian’s supervision and approval. Always have an eye on our calorie consumption to safeguard us from obesity-related worries. We love treats but be careful and offer them to us in moderation. Just like humans we also love clean and fresh water frequently to lead a healthier life on earth.

You can add a very small amount of rosemary or basil (0.0025%) to our food, which will help prevent us from diabetes Mellitus. Because they will help to maintain our blood glucose level at an optimal level.


Training is a must for rottweiler puppies, especially during my younger days, in order to increase my social skills which I lack the most. Carrying effective sessions on training such as socializing & obedience can help me become a well-mannered companion. In order to create an effective, strong bond with me, you have to spend time with me. Never show a rough attitude towards me, as I can build an aggressive behavior wall around me. Obedience and discipline training should be aided with treats, so keep them coming in.

I love to swim unconditionally, and your presence can enhance my curiosity. Gentle walking with me, on the footpath, or around the home also helps. I am muscular and athletic and you should provide me an opportunity to exercise daily to keep me fit. I’m excellent at herding & tracking. Fetch is another sport that I am very curious about. It helps in creating effective bonds and helps me to stay healthy and active.


Always make sure to buy our breed from a reputed breeder. Within the life that I hold, ranging from 8-11 years, I am prone to many diseases that should be taken care of.

Addison’s disease or hypoadrenocorticism is one that mainly affects middle-aged females due to the deficiency of steroid hormones. It’s the result of autoimmune damage to the adrenal glands, where symptoms can vary from bloody vomiting and diarrhea to recumbency or coma, unfortunately. But do not worry it can be cured with appropriate care.

Diabetes Mellitus is another kind of health problem seen among us, and for this regular medication is required for maintaining blood glucose level and reducing complications.

Entropion affects younger ones, most of the time under one year old and squints expressions, where the lower and the upper eyelids of us scroll inward and upward causing irritation for us. This requires surgical correction.

Elbow Dysplasia as seen in many other breeds also causes damage, leading to malformation of one or both elbow joints at the time of growing. Among us most of the males are more susceptible to this condition than females.

In Hip Dysplasia, we suffer from malformation of the hip joint, and it’s one of the common causes of lameness among us.

Hemolytic anemia happens due to a lack of red blood cells caused by autoimmune destruction within the spleen, blood vessels and reticuloendothelial system.

My unexplained weight gain can be a sign of hypothyroidism rising due to reduced thyroid gland function or imbalance of thyroid hormone.

Lymphosarcoma counts to be another, as we are prone to cancer of lymphocytes. Signs of this can include vomiting, weight loss, reduction of appetite, or obvious firm swellings underneath the skin especially around the face and legs.

We are also very prone to osteosarcoma because of our genetic background, which is among the common reasons for our early disappearance from the earth.It is a malignant neoplastic tumor and affects bone formation and development, so it may lead to disabilities among us.

For many unknown reasons, we are receptive to parvovirus, a highly contagious and deadly disease occurring among our puppies. This requires emergency treatments and proper vaccination in the first few weeks after we birth, may protect us from parvo virus diseases.

Don’t get nervous by seeing such a wide variety of diseases catching us. Each can be minimized by effective means of proper vaccination, regular exercise with the consumption of a healthy diet.


The reproduction period usually ranges among us about 60-64 days. During these days, proper care and concern should be provided to our females in order to reduce complications regarding pregnancies. Regarding the reproductive cycle of the female breed, the first period which lasts for about 9 days is called Proestrus. During this time the females start to attract males and you can notice this phenomenon by swelling vulva and bloody discharge.

This is followed by the second part of the reproductive cycle called Estrus where our females are receptive to the male. It usually lasts for about 3 to 11 days. The fertilization occurs during this time. The vulva can be seen as enlarged, and also softens a little. The amount of blood in vulval discharges is decreased.

Then the discharge decreases and lightens in colour following the next period called Diestrus which normally lasts for 60 days/ approximately 2 months where discharge becomes vivid red because less red blood cells than proestrus and comes to its end. In this period bitches no longer receptive to males.

And after this period, the females mating is further restricted and followed by the next phase called Anestrus. Holding the timeframe of heat periods normally lasts for about six months among us. The vulva is no longer swollen or no vaginal discharge can be seen.

And when we complete a year of reproduction it’s important to notice that more frequent breeding is not healthy. And another thing is that never buy a dog from a puppy mill where inhuman practices are carried out and puppies are bred several times. Buying from them is never a good choice.

Our litter size ranges from 8-12 puppies. I can be one of your best choices, as a trustworthy breed showing shining compassion, love, and care for anyone. I can even communicate effectively with you through my eyes and am remarkable in showing my eternal love towards my owner and his family.

I’m here for you as one of your best choices as a family pet! If you own one of my kind do let us know in the comment section below and we can share our little stories with the community too 🙂



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