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Vizsla Puppies Amazing Facts Buying Guide 2021


Vizsla Puppies are lightly built but a muscular dog breed. I usually appear as a medium-sized dog along with good height and a lean domed skull. From the outside, I may look thin but my strength and sturdiness are highly appreciated by many. I’m one of the fastest dog breeds as I’m lightweight. If Vizsla Puppies are properly trained they can be a perfect guardian. A trustworthy & loving companion.

I can surround you with care, loyalty, and safety along with joyful moments for about 12-14 years of my life. My adaptability and quick responses make humans excited. Our male counterparts stand tall at 22-24 inches with a body mass of 55-60 pounds. Our female friends are 21-23 inches tall and weigh 44-55 pounds. I can show my exact face of curiosity and versatility when I’m with my owner for a particular task like hunting or exercise.

I’m a cheerful sturdy breed and with a soft gait. My single-layer coat makes maintenance easy. This also provides different hues such as red, golden, dark golden and golden rust. We are confident of our catchy appearance along with our fit muscular body.

Our lengthy, smooth ears present a sensitive expression which we usually show when we are home-chilling around. Ages back, humans knew me for my hunting and athletic skills. So in order to sustain my high octane activity level, it was important to carry out exercises for at least 1 hour per day. If you are ready to encourage me with different games and training drills I can be a great sport and a happy dog.


I’m also known as a “Hungarian Pointer” as it is likely my ancestry. I belong to Hungary, a country in Central Europe. Around the mid-1800s, a group of humans called Magyar, devastated Western Europe for about 50 years. They caused destruction and killed a high count of people. Their reign flourished owing to not just brutality but on three significant traits namely  – agility, toughness, and an urge to be rapidly active.

For better or worse, these three qualities also became a characteristic of the breeds they owned. They bred dogs, which were always ready and agile and so were our ancestors. As years passed by the people of Hungary bred us to become our modern versions. We started earning fame all over the world as a highly talented hunter breed.

Some even went on to claim that we are capable of doing anything as per command. Humans in the United States started to import us in the 1950s. Our ability to be versatile as per their command saw fans flock to adopt us all over America. My relative name “Chartay” came to hold the position as the first dog breed in the entire history of the American Kennel Club to win quintuple championships in five different canine sports.

This in turn would glorify our family’s fame to higher levels and help us in achieving international popularity. It was indeed a proud moment for our family! Later on, we got recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club) in the year 1960 as their 116th known breed. We also hold 31st rank in popularity among 197 breeds as per AKC’s recognition.



Vizsla Puppies are one of the brightest breeds and can learn all the tricks with my high intelligence level. You will see a taste of this during my training sessions. Don’t be amazed at how effortless it will be for me to learn what you want to communicate.

I know, humans usually step aback little from breeds having high drooling tendencies. In my case, I’m one of those perfect examples of a breed having a very low drooling tendency.

My remarkable adaptability catches the eye of many owners. I can easily adapt to changing lifestyles and the environment.

I’m the best companion for children and I just love playing, racing and spending hours and hours with them. Also if you have an elderly person at home, I’m one of your best choices as I can easily create an interesting, stronger bond with them. I can also gel moderately with other pets.

Among other traits, I require minimal grooming. You don’t need to buy costly brushes and get highly tensed about my shedding and grooming. Also, you don’t have to get the help of a groomer to handle my grooming sessions.

I never gain weight rapidly and my usual weight gaining ranges from low to average. It’s very rare to exceed and does not cause difficulties for you to handle me.

If you are planning for a boat trip, I can easily accompany you as a well-mannered dog companion.

I can also be a great therapy dog, making isolated people happy and tension free. Especially in medical treatments, we are used as therapy dogs.


I’m weak at fighting allergies. They can cause me pain and allergic reactions, so I am classified as a hypoallergenic breed.

If you are staying in an apartment, I’m not the right choice for you as I’m a perfect example of wanderlust. I hold a strong desire to wander and have fun and can’t restrict myself in the four corners of congested apartments.

Never leave me alone in your home as it’s highly difficult for me to lead a day without my owner’s presence and their love. I bond easily with them.

Vizsla Puppies are not a perfect choice for novices, as maintenance and training may bother you, and they are not good for an office environment as they may feel suffocated.

My tendencies to nip or herd people is also very high which can get you in trouble.


As we only have a single-layered coat- its maintenance is easy. But I can’t tolerate cold temperatures. I don’t require frequent bathing, but it can be provided if my appearance seems untidy. It’s also very important to keep our toenails in good length. For this, you can use a clipper or a grinding tool but use it with enough precaution.

Relax, because my grooming requirements are not high. I never shed frequently as many other breeds tend to do. Climatic conditions beyond my resistance or variations on my health status can lead to shedding. For that, you should perform brushing 2-3 times a week to keep me clean and dry.

Also brushing helps in strengthening our hair follicles and in removing dead hairs. Cutting my hair regularly by a professional groomer is never a necessity for me. This quality of mine seems to attract many owners because most of the dog breeds that you prefer might be having heavier shedding. This might cause irritations and difficulties, but in my case, the shedding level is very low.

My ears and eyes should be well taken care of because if ever allergies track me it’s very difficult to make them leave as they tend to cause itchiness and other difficulties for me. Our ears need to be checked regularly to find the presence of dirt or wax. In such cases usage of mid-ear- cleansing products are recommended to prevent further complications.

I require a seasonal flea treatment also, and it’s not a very difficult job for you. Our teeth also require regular cleaning with a toothpaste formulated for us to safeguard from healthy gum and other dental issues. I’m your best choice if you have to worry less about maintenance because it can never bother you much. Isn’t that easy?


Vizsla Puppies are among the most energetic breed you can ever find, so in order to uphold our level of activeness and stamina, they require high-quality nutritious foods to lead a vibrant life. We are lovers of food too and we can eat whatever you provide, but remember you should treat us according to our age and health.

When we live our charming, younger days we require at least 4-5 cups of calorie-filled diet. When we reach our older age 3 or fewer cups of high-quality food is required as our activity level is comparatively less in our adulthood. I can have both commercial or homemade food.

But all this needs to be done under the supervision and approval of a veterinarian in order to stay good.  A healthy diet for us would include food that humans are familiar with such as fish, meat, sweet potatoes, white chicken, green beans, or brown rice. Chocolates, soda, salt, etc should be avoided from our diet at the maximum to give us a healthy life.

High protein content in our diet can help us to stay strong and muscle development. Always cut short our meal and provide us with the required by dividing our meal into two or three times. Treating us with food containing the essential amount of DHA – such as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids plays an important role in nourishing our brain and vision. It also strengthens our hair follicle development.

You should also treat us with required anti-oxidants, it’s good for supporting our developing immune system. Treats should be provided in a moderate way as excessive consumption can lead to obesity as seen in many other breed cases too. Fresh and clean water is also very important regarding our health to lessen many of the other health issues we are exposed to.


Being an active and healthy hunting dog,  who holds a high degree of curiosity we need to get exposed to different exercises. In fact, they are a must. If we lack the required amount of exercise, this can affect our health, as well as our behaviour. As a result, we might behave vigorously, causing difficulties for you to handle with us further.

For us, it’s way too important to stay physically as well as mentally fit. So even a stretch of 30 minutes per day goes a long way to help us stay balanced nevertheless. I’m a bit sensitive as well as aggressive. So never treat me with a harsh attitude and never abandon me at the time of training as it can affect my behavior badly.

When I’m young itself you should help me socialize and introduce me to obedience training. Both are a must for my better livelihood. One of the main reasons for me to face rescue situations is because my owners are not able to constructively channel my boundless energy through means of training. I bond with my family easily, making me an overprotective, territorial breed.

By building up such a mentality without providing me companionships through socialization makes me destructive. Even running with my owners can strengthen my muscles and body as a whole. As I’m a stronger breed, you can allow me to run without a leash. Agility testing games such as field trials can also help us a lot in staying healthy.

I can also show my skills at common canine sports such as obedience, agility, herding, dock diving, lure coursing etc with my intelligence level and eagerness. Moreover, I love to get engaged in tasks for hours. Please make sure one thing, exercises are must for a human and so it is for me.


It’s a fact that we are relatively a healthier breed, as we are exposed to many kinds of diseases within our short life span on earth. Some are inherited also, which requires a DNA test to be carried out at the time of buying us.

Cancer, like that of hemangiosarcoma, spreads rapidly found in the lining of our blood vessels. Another cancer called lymphoma appears on our lymphatic cells.

Glaucoma is another problem that affects our eyes and then fluid enters improperly causing build-up pressure in our eyes which can even lead to blindness.

Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy is another problem that affects our muscles and can lead to atrophy following its degeneration.

Common symptoms of this disease are difficulty at the time of swallowing, wastage of head muscles particularly and foamy salvation, etc. This can brutally kill us. Follow the veterinarian’s opinion for such situations.

Immune-mediated illness can also be noted among us. This can make me a weak and immunosuppressive dog but proper veterinary care and treatment help me to survive.

Cerebellar Ataxia is another neurological disease that results in loss of coordination in our movements which can even worsen if not properly treated. So better veterinary care is essential if you observe some abnormal signs among us.

Higher than normal amounts of uric acid presence can lead to a disease called Canine Hyperuricosuria. This can lead to other conditions that can make me weak.

Epilepsy is another which causes seizures among us and this can be cured by medication or with the help of anti-epileptic drugs if seizures are seen frequently.

Other common issues seen among us are allergies, sebaceous adenitis, Thrombocytopenia, Steroid Responsive Meningitis, Polymyositis, and Immune-mediated hemolytic Anaemia.

Possibilities of all these can be controlled by a healthy diet, regular exercises, proper vaccination, and better veterinary care.


At the time of reproduction, you should be utmost conscious about our health and the surrounding we are exposed to. Unhealthy surroundings can result in an unhealthy pregnancy. 

Our gestation period ranges from 60-64 days, where we should be treated with enough care, proper nutrients & supplements, and the supervision of a veterinarian. Regarding the reproductive cycle of females, there are four phases as Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus and Anestrus. During these phases, we are shown the physical, mental, and behavioral signs that are relevant to each phase.

From day 1-9, the first 9 days of the cycle is called Proestrus. At this time the females start to attract males and you can notice this phenomenon by swelling vulva and bloody discharge from the vulva.

Then the second phase which lasts the next 3-11 days, called Estrus where our females are receptive to the male. It usually lasts for about the next 9 days, but it can vary according to the mental and physical status of our females from 3 to 11 days. The fertilization occurs during this time. The vulva can be seen as enlarged, and also softens a little. The amount of blood in vulval discharges is decreased.

From the last day of Estrus, the next 2 months (approximately the next 60 days) are considered as the Diestrus phase. In this phase, our females are no longer receptive to males and you can observe light colour vulval discharge with less amount than the Proestrus. The vulval discharge becomes vivid red because of fewer red blood cells.

From the last day of Diestrus, the next six months (approximately the next 180-200 days) are called Anestrus. This phase is a normal period for us and the female mating is further restricted. The vulva is no longer swollen or no vaginal discharge can be seen.

When we complete a year of reproduction it’s important to notice that more frequent breeding is not healthy for us. Never buy a dog from a puppy mill where inhumane practices are carried out and puppies are born several times, creating unhealthy ones. Our litter size ranges from 6-8 puppies.

If you want a smart, active dog breed who can be your best companion especially at the time of hunting, I’m one of your best choices.


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